Equipping people of faith to pray together for those in authority and select God-honoring leaders, establishing a Public Awareness Ministries' group in every city...
Sign up to be a Prayer Group Leader

Thank you for signing-up your group to pray for our leaders and nation one consistent hour a month (I Tim. 2., II Chron. 7:14). Together, beginning with consistent united local prayer, we can protect America’s Biblical foundation, life, marriage, and religious liberty.

Once you’ve signed-up here, a free webpage will be set up for your prayer group (accessible on the “Prayer Groups” link at PreserveLiberty.com). A few days before your scheduled prayer group meeting, a free monthly Prayer Guide and Biblical Principles of Good Government sheets (one page each) will be Emailed to your group leader at the Email address that you provide.

Although you have freedom to select any consistent monthly date and time for your prayer group, most groups have selected a time on the “First Saturday” morning of every month because this time slot interferes the least with people’s work and family schedules.

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